Early bird tickets sold out

Guys, you are incredible, our 100 early bird tickets are already sold out! For all, who didn't get a ticket until now, please have a look on: https://www.metaldiver-festival.de/produkt/metal-diver-festival-2018-ticket/ or for our members : https://www.metaldiver-festival.de/produkt/metal-diver-festival-2018-jubilaeums-ticket-mitglieder/ Thanks a lot for your great support!! We are looking forward to see...

Eine große Heavy Metal Party in Marsberg – Auch 4. Metal Diver Festival ausverkauft

If we have a look on the past events of the non-commercial Metal Diver e.V. , we will recognize accordingly, that in Marsberg and in the area close to Marsberg a cultural flow is  ongoing. The Metal Diver e.V. looks back on a very successfull year with 3 sold out events like the 3rd Metal Diver Festival, the Metal Diver Cruise and the bus tour to the partner festival of the Wünnstock e.V. But besides the visitors of these events, the gastronomy in and around Marsberg makes its profit due to these events.

From the Cradle to RAGE – Headliner 2018

5 years Metal Diver – with RAGE we already present the headliner for our anniversary festival 2018 to you. Founded in 1984 the German / Heavy Metal / Power-Metal-Band from Herne (North Rhine Westphalia), RAGE released in 2016 their new album “The Devil Strikes Again”. We are looking forward to celebrate the birthday of the Metal Diver Festival together with Peavy, Lucky and Marcos.