General informations:

The next Metal Diver festival will take place on the 17.03.18.

Please find below the FAQs with some general informations:




Arrival to the festival

If you are planning to come from the direction Paderborn/ Bielefeld, Soest/ Lippstadt or  Kassel you can take the A44 until exit Marsberg. Then 12 km on the Route  B7 direction Marsberg.

Visitors from the direction Sauerland or Korbach/ Willingen can take the B7 direction Brilon/ Marsberg.

If you travel by train, you can take the connection between Kassel and Hagen. You should leave the train at the train station Marsberg


From which age on, am I allowed to visit the festival?

You have to be at least 18 years old to visit the festival. Even if you are in company with your parents or a legal guardian, you are not allowed to enter the festival area if you are not at least 18 years old.


Where can I park?

We have a small parking area next to the festival hall. Additional parking space can be found round near the “Netto” supermarket and the junior high in Marsberg. The way between these parking place might take 10-15 minutes by foot

Can we get a ticket at the evening box office?

That depends on the pre-sale. We will not keep any tickets on stock for the evening.

Can I leave the festival in between?

Yes, if you have the valid festival ribbon and your ticket you can leave or enter the festival in between.


Am I allowed to take some photos or to do some video recording?

You can do as much photos or videos as you like. But please not, you are allowed to do that for privat use only.


What is bannend on the festival?

Weapons, fire works, glas items are strictly forbidden. Strict controls will be done on arrival. If anyone tries to take mentioned items to the festival or if anyone is not willing to follow the instructions of our staff at the check points we will banish the person from our festival in the worst case. 

So please be so kind to leave forbidden items at home!

Besides the merchant and the salespersons on our festival, no one is allowed to deal with food or non-food items.

The issue with politics:

Any symbols which are connected to NS or NSBM are strictly forbidden. Everybody who will be noticed which such symbols (e.g on his shirt or frock) will be directly banished from the festival without any discussion

The Metal Diver festival is a non politic event. Provocations due to political attitudes / ideas will not be tolerated